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    Many women suffer from cellulite and, although it is harmless to your health, it can damage your self-esteem. Thankfully, there are some amazing creams that you can use to help fight back against cellulite.
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Cellulite Massage Treatment

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When it comes to cellulite, it’s easy to get frustrated with combating the dimples. Often times, it seems like they just won’t budge no matter what you do. Vigorously exercising in an attempt to lose fat seems like a logical step, but it’s not necessarily the prime solution, especially if one is genetically predisposed. While there are more invasive options for treatment, one of the most popular forms of cellulite therapy involves a cellulite massage treatment that breaks up and reduces the visibility of cellulite beneath your skin.

There are several types of treatment used to combat cellulite, and many of them rely on a cocktail of topical oils and anti cellulite products that are designed to increase blood circulation. Massages take it a step further. It’s a form of deep tissue massage that’s become an accepted treatment for a variety of skin conditions and abnormalities, including cellulite.

Advocates for massage claim that it works by breaking up the connective tissue that lies within and underneath the skin. Cellulite is caused by fat deposits bulging against our outermost skin layers. Over time, connective tissue acts to separate fat cells into sections, increasing the appearance of cellulite. This connective tissue is know as septa, which keeps the skin attached to your underlying flesh.

Massage claims to breakdown this fibrous material while evening out the fat deposits as well, resulting in a more smooth appearance. A form of lymphatic massage is also meant to stimulate the lymph nodes responsible for flushing out toxins in the body. While most methods of massage employ the gentle use of hands, spa cellulite treatments like these massages utilize a rolling motion that grips the skin and fat into a fold while pulling.

Cost for Cellulite Massages

Massage isn’t the most expensive method of cellulite treatment, but it’s far from the cheapest. Massage sessions can run anywhere from $50 to $150, and it takes multiple treatments before you’ll notice any significant changes. You can expect to spend upwards of $1000 on cellulite massage, which is rather costly in the long run. However, some spas will provide a discount when you order specific packages or agree to repeat visits.

Results of Cellulite Massage

Like other cellulite treatments, the point is to smooth the skin and rid it of unsightly lumps and dimples. Massage can have a positive effect on the skin, but the results are unfortunately fleeting. After you stop treatments, the appearance of cottage cheese is likely to return. This means that massage is only a temporary fix, and that you’d have to keep spending large sums of money to maintain the effect.

Do Massages Really Get Rid of Cellulite?

Massage can help rid the body of cellulite by increasing blood circulation. However, the fat is likely to not break down very intensely, as is often claimed. Detractors of cellulite massage insist that the only reason the skin appears smoother is because of swelling and localized water retention.

Since the effects of massage are also temporary, it can’t be accurately toted as a cellulite cure. Due to the cost and impractical nature of massage treatment, it seems far more beneficial to just invest in a cellulite cream. Creams are topical treatments that contain active ingredients which work in conjunction with natural extracts and essential oils. The result is increased blood circulation and more firm skin that is resistant to the pressures of underlying tissue and fluids.

The cost is also much more manageable, and while it requires patience to see results, you only need to apply a small amount of the cream a day.

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